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Monday, January 19, 2009
9:43 PM

Patience, Patience!

10 more days, 240 more hours, 14400 more minutes, 864000 seconds ..

and counting... Never wanted anything/been this excited for a long time ..

Simply amazing - To have planned what was ..

That's beside the point, I can't even believe it! *___*

Yea, I'm being extremely vague/mysterious now. Who gives a rats ass? :P

Anyway, I am almost done with my paper, with some minior tweaks/adjustments left to be done etcetc...

Much love  ♥

Monday, January 12, 2009
7:43 PM

I finally got my shit of a phone back (Ty bro for picking it up for me from the mall)

Anyways, I'm now a dark honey warm blonde. Oo... more brownish of course. Only at a fraction of the cost from lyn's mega bomb of a bill because I know the woman, who was so kind to just charge me with the price of the things she used on my hair and abit for her time :P

I was abit afriad it was too light, but it turned out nice - A shade darker from lyn's.

Nice construction going on opposite of my house. Kinda redundant since the government is going to buy back the land we're in at the moment. Which means, one less place to collect rent from. We're moving in sometime mid this year for sure.

Hellllllllloooooooooooooo walk-in closet, brand new spanking bathroom with granite tiles, glass, the whole sha-bang and a new desk. I NEED A HUGE DESK. It's annoying to have to clean up every 10 minutes when I work on my stufffff.

Dum-di-doooooooo. I finished N's present! It came out better than expected... I'm so excited about it.

17 days *Sings....

Much love  ♥

Saturday, January 03, 2009
10:20 AM

So.... Christmas was nice, had a get-together BBQ at my place. Catered around 20 people. Food was fabulous, especially the panchetta... I coulda finished the whole thing if I can. On the eve of Christmas, I joined Lynn's family gathering. Was kinda out of place at first, but after that it was fine. (Since I know her cousins etc)

I'm so glad to have her back, miss the days. In fact, I just got back from her place - chatting with Shaun as well. Sucks that she has to leave on February. I'm hoping to be able to visit her end of this year up in Melb., but... we'll see. Sandy better be down with it :P.. She has abit of problems lately, I just hope it'll all go away soon..

Ah! New years was a blast. I havnt had so much fun in a long time. HOWEVER, I don't think I will be doing that ANY TIME soon. He reserved a table for us up in the club, 'twas crazy. Well, me and Lynn were tempted to ditch the boys and head up to Coffee trap because of the damn traffic and lack of parking space. In the end, we drove back to my place and walked.

Thank you Shaun, Muru, Y.K, C.Y, Howe, and especially Lynn for taking care of me. Although, I can't say much for Shaun since he was pissed drunk. Y.K gave me a ride on his back to the car :P but, the boys misheard what I said. Wow, I'm terribly embarrassed. I told Y.K to walk faster to catch up with them since we were lagging behind. "Look Shaun! I have a Pony", I yelled at him when I saw him beside me. But, they were able to twist it (DEAF!). Even Lynn didnt hear me say that :P... Ah well.

Hear hear Shaun - to the happy drunks, best new years :P

Much love  ♥

Thursday, December 18, 2008
4:10 PM

Exams are finally over. I gotta admit, I didn't do so well as the last few terms. However, I still feel weird.. as usual. Like I'm missing something on my daily routine...
Ram took me around Singapore yesterday.. Even having being here for my studies for quite sometime, I still am not in touch/familiar with certain places.. I've never been to Penin before :)
We found the custom t-shirt shop in the far corner on the 4th floor (Was searching for a while).
Anyway the man was really nice and have alot of patience in hearing what I really wanted and my ideas.. and I'm really excited on how it is going to turn out.. Especially since it's part of my design, it makes it even more exciting.
After which, we had a turkish lunch. I finally found that turkish ice cream shop again. Damn, I missed it! Have been searching for it for a while.. And I have quite forgotten the part where he jokes around with you when he makes the ice cream :P All in good fun.
All in all, I really enjoyed myself very much :)
Mostly the conversations, to be honest.

Ah.. My day started out pretty bad. Damn customs/immigrations. It is really retarded and stupid. Even if they have the capability in building a 60 million complex, so? They do not have the ability to manage. The systematic procedure is utterly horrid. I was so tired already from the travelling. What made it worse was the lacking of buses, & the idiotic uncivilized people.

Le Sigh.

Much love  ♥

Saturday, December 13, 2008
6:23 PM

Lynn's back :) Been hanging out with her the past few days. 'Twas fun, like the old times :p

Can't wait for my exams to be over.. I'm disappointed I can't really go celebrate her birthday on the 17th, since my exam is on the 18th. I can't afford to suffer from a hang over what-so-ever. Been slacking off this term. Not really my usual self. I just feel lethargic all the time.

I feel guilty. I have no idea how to explain myself or explain the changes. I feel bad.

I've always been a runner - trying to avoid as much complications as possible. But I think it's going to take its toll sooner or later, and catch up with me.

How do I explain them? How do I start? I hope it can be any easier, but saying it out loud seems cruel. I just don't see the future like how I used to anymore. It's slipping away. I don't think I can keep this up any longer.

Should I get it over and done with? Or should I drag on until I can't anymore?

I've spoken with Silje about it. It seems mutual, in terms of interest regarding the situation. I've always felt that I can talk to her about anything. She never judges. She listens.

Much love  ♥

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
5:06 AM

Journalism went pretty well if I do say so myself. Although I've studied for media manipulation... I had no idea the discussive piece about Michael was in fact about media manipulation. Therefore, I totally skipped that question. After I turned in my paper, I started thinking about the questions. Kinda regretted turning it in that early. I still have some ideas to add on to my piece. Ah well... What's done is done.

On the brighter side, I've braided a strap for my phone! ;) Yea, I have loads of time :P Boo hoo :( But I love it... so screw you if you don't :P.. haha.

Anyway, I'm going to go make a shirt of N. :) I've drawn out what I wanted... On Tuesday Ram is gunna take me to that custom T-shirt making place at Penin. Thanks Ram. :)

Almost there!
Done :) Hopefully it will turn out as planned!

Much love  ♥

Thursday, December 04, 2008
2:29 AM

Well, had a nice dinner with my family at George & Dragon Cafe yesterday. 'Twas nice :D
Yummy steak :) It's a nice ambience with more of a medieval theme. I believe it is owned by a Greek lady, I'm not so sure, she came out to talk to the guests when it first opened.
Talked about the new house over dinner, and how we decide to decorate our rooms. The guest room on the second floor is redundant. Since we won't have any guests over frequently, I suggested to make the damn room smaller so I can make my room bigger. I'm still hoping for my walk-in closet. :)
Trying to think of a concept for my bathroom. I really like the glass panels at Sandy's place.. simple and nice. Easy to maintain as well. Thank god I finally have my own bathroom. I'm tired of sharing with my brother/parents. Now it's going to be so spanking clean without the men.

We might be picking up our new puppy this Saturday. I really like her very much! She looks like a little gremlin when we were playing with her at the pet shop. Hopefully Coco won't be too jealous or mad that we would let her in the house. She's only a 4 month old puppy for now.. plus we'll be letting the two dogs in the house once we move. That's a promise Coco! :D I'll still love you even with the puppy.

Oh, there was a thief in my neighbourhood yesterday. My neighbour was yelling like crazy in the middle of the night. I didnt give it much of a thought since he usually yell at his kids in the same manner. He called the police but the bandit was nowhere to be found. Well, the economy has been bad lately, I'm not all that surprised.

Sigh, I don't think I'll be getting my money back. I hope to get it back though. It's been a year since November 2007. Even though he had offered to pay me back S$350, being stupid, I said it's fine, I'll bear half the cost as well. It's not my fault we got fined, I do not even smoke to begin with!!! Since November 2007, I have yet to even see half the debt being paid. All I got was S$50! It was funny to see their faces when I was able to pay out the fine early in the morning. Regardless, now that he has gone to NS, his gf (My friend) has to pay me back on behalf of him. I, sometimes feel embarrassed to even ask for my money back. How can a person feel embarrassed to ask for his/her money back?! /slaps self. Sigh... I'm never seeing a dime from that, am I? It's been so long... even saving S$10 a week since November should do the trick. Even S10 a month is good since 2007.

Much love  ♥




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